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May 14

Kale smoothies! 

Vegan birthday cake! 

So it was my housemate Lize’s birthday the other day -she’s not so much into sweets so i made her a fruit cake -not the kind your grandma used to make, but REAL fruit! Yummo!

Hosting a vegan afternoon tea! 

Thank you all for coming over. A great afternoon tea was shared as we discussed ways to make our lives more sustainable. 

Who else is thinking of hosting/attending a sustainable afternoon tea to spread the word? 

Veg*n Melbourne 

Auction Rooms -North Melbourne

When attempting to be more sustainable through conscious consumption eating out can sometimes be challenging if you’re not sure how to go about it. Don’t stay at home, just head out with these few tips.

Avoid eating places which specialize in the food you’d like to avoid, just as a BBQ restaurant if you’re avoiding meat or French restaurants if you’re trying vegan (so much butter).

Many good cafes and restaurants are happy to accommodate to dietary requirements- think of people who eat gluten free or dairy free- just let them know, they can usually fix something up for you. Many places already have a number of vegetarian dishes on the menu for lunch and dinner-vegetarian at breakfast is the easiest, just skip the bacon with your eggs!

Veg*n in Melbourne 

Monk Bodhi Dharma -Balaclava 

This cafe (and Friday night dinners) is filled with veg*n delights. Photos here is of their french toast! Amazing.

Apr 30


Got something you can’t live without as a part-time vegetarian/vegan? 

Hit me up and I’ll see what I can do! 


It’s NATURAL to Eat MEAT -I like the points this wonderful woman makes…and she’s funny ha!!

(via nscottcohen)

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